Our R&D department has been developing continuously since the company's founding. It focuses mainly on the improvement of processes and the development of new products adapted to the market. We also participate in specific projects:

Senalergal (2014-2015): development of new products for people with food intolerances using Galician raw material, for use in the industrial sector and the Horeca channel.

Seniorplus (2016-2018): use of emerging technologies and nanotechnology for the development of healthy foods with high added value and differentiated quality, ideal for their nutritional value for sectors of the population with special requirements (adults and elderly with food allergies and intolerances).

Agrobiotech (2017): creation of new product catalogues and a new website to adapt to new markets and business objectives.

Looking to the future, hiring qualified personnel in this department will enable an improvement in the quality of their own pieces.