This family business began in San Simón (Vilalba, Lugo, Spain) in 1991, producing the first pieces of this cheese named San Simón da Costa. When the Regulating Council of the San Simón da Costa DO was created in 1996, the promotion of cheese was so great that it led to the adaptation of small cheese factories, increasing their size and, consequently, their production.

In the 2000s, Prestes consolidated its position as a cheesemaker. Its presence in gastronomic events, tastings and competitions (Alimentaria, the Salón del Gourmet and Anuga Salon), winning prestigious awards at an international level, such as the World Cheese Awards, allowed it to gain a foothold in the dairy market as a leading company. In 2016, an export process began that forced it to move to larger facilities, which were adapted to the new production capacity supported by product diversification. This change of thought came hand in hand with a new generation of cheese makers, who seek the positioning of the various Prestes varieties in national and international markets.

Respect for the tradition, raw material and artisanry with which Prestes produces its cheeses makes each product an exquisite, quality and healthy food.